Michaël Pailloncy

About me

Passionate developer. In love with java platform and its ecosystem since 6 years. I'm a big fan of oss, and I contribute occasionally on open-source projects.

I'm 28, work currently at MiPih and live in Toulouse, France.

My job

It's pretty difficult to explain.

In my current company (MiPih), my official job title is "Software Factory Manager". In some job offers, my job could be named "Continuous Integration Engineer", "Release Automation Engineer", "Devops/Software Automation Engineer" and some other ".*Devops.*" job title which are far away from clear (by the way, I think Devops is a group of concepts, best practices and culture associated, not a job title).

My current job is probably somewhere between all these jobs titles.

It's about help developers/sysadmins to :

  • automate all the things,
  • be focus on client value,
  • accelerate and automate the release and delivery process
  • deliver continuously tested software
  • deliver software with a controlled quality code
  • ..in brief, deliver software with high value, high quality in a most automated possible way

This induces to install, use, maintain and upgrade tools like Jenkins, Nexus, Maven, Ansible, Docker, SonarQube, Git, Gerrit, Subversion, ..., in a continuous way to accelerate developments/delivery.

I like to resolve technical and/or organisational problematics, especially in an automation way.

My current focus is based on Devops movement, best practices and how to apply them in my company. To do this, one of my personal goals is to move towards the 'ops' side and try to understand technical constraints faced by system administrators and network engineer in order to propose 'dev' oriented solutions to solve them.

About this website

This website is built with Jekyll and hosted on my GitHub using GitHub Pages. The template is based on Twitter Bootstrap. Feel free to reuse it if you want.